A cosmic Jewish zombie

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6 Responses to A cosmic Jewish zombie

  1. Culica says:

    This paragraph is one of the most useful to communicate to people just why Christianity is absurd. We need similar for all the significant religions. Any links?

    Inventor of the Culica

  2. Don Joe says:

    Uh… it’s called symbolism. Yeah, 99% of Christians don’t understand that, either, but Atheists are the most hypocritical, pretentious, and intolerant neo-religion (and that’s what it is, a religion; faith in science is faith none-the-less) in today’s world, even moreso than Christians. There’s no reason not to use symbols to find a deeper meaning in life, just makes it easier for our limited mind to comprehend. Even Atheism has adopted the atom as their symbol. Religions have their problems, sure, but the symbolism isn’t one of them, that is your own problem. Atheism is shallow, just as shallow as religious extremism. Atheism is just as potentially poisonous as religions, case and point would be the fact that most Atheists come across as smug assholes.

    • arthur fonzarelli says:

      go and boil your head, atheists don’t knock on peoples doors spreading the word of atheism. you are a baloon

    • Honkey Magoo says:

      Absolutely retarded. The who “atheism requires faith and is therefore a religion” is such a retarded train of thought it almost makes me depressed to read it every time I come across it on the internet. No, it doesn’t require faith. Every piece of available evidence says we are right, and you are wrong. We can’t prove there is no god, this is true. We can’t prove there aren’t any unicorns either – but guess what? There aren’t. Does that mean part of my “religion” is unicorn denial? Lol, get real fatso, get back to FOX.

      Crap that was in 2011. You probably got raptured with Camping. Oh well, guess you won’t see this.

  3. MT says:

    Don: For sure there are a few atheists out there who for some reason are motivated by nothing else than a shallow hate for religion and haven’t thought much more about it. In this case it could rightly be labelled a “faith”, as you claim.

    But if you’re an intellectually honest person, you know that this doesn’t count. Any atheist or anti theist who spent more than five minutes to think about their religion realize that it’s not at all about hate. Bertrand Russell explained it as clear as anyone could:

    If atheists hate something, it’s not God (if you don’t believe in Santa Claus you can’t hate him). It’s the consequences of religious faith. This blog is dedicated to showing a few examples of those immensely harmful consequences.

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