No big deal to rape and torture children

If you one day find yourself as a spokesperson for a church that institutionalized the systematic rape and torture of children, and you feel a sudden need to defend the church and instead put the blame on the under-aged victims, here’s a proper lesson on how to do it by Bill Donohue, president of the American Catholic League. Listen and learn:

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2 Responses to No big deal to rape and torture children

  1. Alex Buzzard says:

    Hi guys

    Whilst I am fully supportive of your attempts to criticise the obvious absurdities in most religions, being a confirmed atheist, I think there is an argument for a more subtle but possibly more ultimately devastating approach. In the context of “know thine enemy” I have extensively researched early Christianity and have reached the stark conclusion that not only did Jesus not believe in God but that he was actually put to death for blasphemy for highlighting the Abrahamic God as a myth. Did you ever wonder why after 4000 years the raging genocidal narcissistic sociopath God was suddenly supposed to have turned into a God of compassion and love? This was because the Pharisee Paul bolted the Abrahamic God onto Jesus and created a resurrection cult. Christianity is actually a self-contradiction! There is actually a considerable amount of compelling evidence to support this view if you know where to look. Can you imagine Christianity without God? Interesting idea don’t you think?

    If we are to create a rational world we need to destroy these crazy God myths at their root and the weapons are there if you choose to look for them. So what about it? If I have captivated your interest I can load the gun but someone needs to fire the bullets. Are you the people to do it?



    • RP says:

      Hi Alex, that’s a great hypothesis. I suggest write it up, and if the evidence is sound you could get the attention of scholars.

      This is not really a forum for publishing exegeses, although we’ll be happy to spread your link.

      If you have evidence outside the Bible (archaeological, historical documentation etc) it would obviously bolster the case. If it’s just an interpretation of scripture, it’ll obviously be harder to make it a conclusive case, but still a fun idea.

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