Historical evidence for Jesus


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3 Responses to Historical evidence for Jesus

  1. captain51 says:

    It is not even whether there was some crazy guy wandering around believing he was the son of a god (there are plenty around today) but whether there was a guy as described in new testament. I.e the guy whose mother was a virgin, who went around turning H2o into plonk, feeding multitudes et etc etc

  2. Jono says:

    Didn’t Bart Ehrman write “Did Jesus Exist?:The Historical Argument *for* Jesus of Nazareth”

    It’s not that I don’t believethat he said this but the image itself has … well … how to put it? … Zero! Zip References!

  3. RP says:

    Hi Jono, in the book you refer to, Ehrman works mainly from New Testament text (as opposed to historical and archaeological evidence) to make a case for Jesus. In short, the man may have existed and he may have been charismatic, but magical powers still don’t exist.

    Here’s a review of the book you mention:

    Last paragraph:
    The historical Jesus that emerges from Ehrman’s mainstream defense is a purely human, miracle-free Jewish male with a very common name living in first century Palestine, who after an unremarkable youth went on to teach things that many others had taught before; one more apocalyptic preacher, among many others at the time, whose predictions were proven wrong within a generation; one more “troublemaker” crucified like countless others by the Romans after a drive-thru trial during the Pilate administration. Being such, the Jesus that can be reconstructed from history with any certainty is, for all practical purposes, as irrelevant as the mythical one, effectively shrinking the debate on his existence from a grandiose quest with theological implications to an inconsequential and endless exercise in academic hair-splitting.

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