Former Christian tells his story

Emotional, painful, inspiring. Click through to Youtube and give this guy some moral support.

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7 Responses to Former Christian tells his story

  1. Powerful and courageous.

  2. explainlife says:

    19 mins in I started crying hard.

  3. Jimmy West says:

    The Christian Religion is based primarily on the assumptions of man. There is a loving God and creator and he is unlike the God depicted in the Bible. The Bible is a mixture of fact and fiction and is filled with legends, rumours, assumptions, opinions, conclusions and even some lies. Mans creation of the Bible – It’s accumulation, translation, interpretation, and daily use are man’s attempt to find an elusive and hidden god. The Bible is not a bad thing – Man’s miss-use of it causes more problems than it solves. Jimmy West

  4. Jimmy West says:

    You can give up on Christianity, but don’t give up on God alltogether just because Christianity has missed the mark. God only has three wills for mankind – 1. Trust Him completely. 2. Love each other – show kindness to all and help those in need. 3. Accept His son Jesus as the Son of God. Jesus was not created to die – what a bunch of malarky. Jesus was created to be King and lead his people and the world back to God. Man killed him because He threatened the lifestyle of the corrupt.

  5. explainlife says:

    Trust is earned, jimmy- actions speak louder than words I am afraid, the religion holds no potency for me. Corruption and mis-use~ The bibles tool of exaction. I give up on the possibility of a God whom allows people to make their own choices and say it was his will in the end.

  6. Débora says:

    I know very well what Timothy talks: is my own story, unfortunately…

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