God says: “Thou shalt not have an abortion”

“Thou shalt not have an abortion.”

Guess what? There’s no such thing in the Bible.

Still, your friendly congressmen, senators, EU parliament members, and local politicans are busy writing new laws to ban abortion, in the US, in the EU, in South America, everywhere. Why? Because religious lobby groups are pushing harder than ever. Who cares if it’s in the Bible or not. Who cares if women’s rights are trampled. Who cares if it damages lives and families. They have the best argument in the world:

I heard a voice in my head, and it was the Creator of the Universe, and He said to me, “Thou shall lobby your local politician so that they pass laws so that abortion is outlawed, so that more women die. I command thee.”

And you are sitting there on your fat ass, tolerating this kind of argument.

The statistics are clear: 70,000 women each year DIE because of unhealthy procedures, because proper abortions are outlawed in their country. Countless more suffer terrible traumas and injuries.

Get inspired, and go out and oppose the religious bigots:

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