Via Rosa Rubicondior:

Read this to be reminded of what Christians did and what Christianity justified with scripture and even advocated when they had the power to do so. And be thankful for those liberal humanists and secularists who took away those powers from a kicking and screaming church and forced them to behave in a civilised way.

And be afraid. There is nothing to stop them doing the same again if ever they regain the power to do so.

From Carl Sagan’s A Demon-Haunted World:

Witchcraft of course was not the only offense that merited torture and burning at the stake. Heresy was a still more serious crime, and both Catholics and Protestants punished it ruthlessly. In the sixteenth century the scholar William Tyndale had the temerity to contemplate translating the New Testament into English. But if people could actually read the Bible in their own language instead of arcane Latin, they could form their own, independent religious views. They might conceive of their own private unintermediated line to God. This was a challenge to the job security of Roman Catholic priests. When Tyndale tried to publish his translation, he was hounded and pursued all over Europe. Eventually he was captured, garroted, and then, for good measure, burned at the stake. His copies of the New Testament (which a century later became the basis of the exquisite King James translation) were then hunted down house-to-house by armed posses—Christians piously defending Christianity by preventing other Christians from knowing the words of Christ. Such a cast of mind, such a climate of absolute confidence that knowledge should be rewarded by torture and death were unlikely to help those accused of witchcraft.

Full text.

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5 Responses to Demonology

  1. perth says:

    Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tse-tung, Marx were globalists, rather than nationalists, and they openly mocked God and set about to rid the world of His influence on mankind. Religion is the opium of the people” is one of the most frequently paraphrased statements of Karl Marx. A man rejecting the existence of its Creator sooner or later can turn into a living devil whose actions and thoughs not differ much from a predator in the wilderness. Each and every totalitarism has its roots in the atheist thought. The original sin of “adam and eve” was actually the deliverate rejection of Divine superiority which resulted in suffering, death and so well-known drudgery of all human beings. You have a free choice between the everlasting happiness or everlasting agony !

  2. RP says:

    Dear Perth, no response necessary, but honestly, ask yourself this: are you really trying to make a reasoned argument here? Or are you trying to assert something you WISH to be true?

    It is demonstrably true that atheist societies usually have very good morals and a good life. Here’s evidence of that:

    I’ll grant you this: Atheism doesn’t automatically lead to a good life. We need something else, like for example a humanistic life stance. Atheism is nothing more than the simple statement “I don’t believe in any god.” Quite obviously, that statement in itself doesn’t give any direction at all of a good nor a bad life. Luckily, atheists are rarely just atheists, usually they have a humanistic life stance.

    So, if you want to compare religion with something, you should compare it to humanism, not with atheism.

    I completely recognize your desire that it would be GREAT to have absolute morals given from a morally superior god. But I’m sorry, wishing for it doesn’t make it true. Even if I play with the thought that your god (Christian, I guess) exists, the Bible mostly shows God’s IMMORALITY. (Have you actually read it?)

    And a couple of details:

    The word “globalist” doesn’t have a common definition; it has several different and opposite meanings, so I don’t understand that part of your argument. Also, you have misunderstood the Marx quote. Finally, your argument suffers from a very common logical flaw: confusing causality with correlation. (Look it up.) Try this: “Hitler was an amateur painter. Hence, amateur painters become living devils whose actions and thoughts don’t differ much from a predator in the wilderness.”

    If you’d like to try a reasoned argument, I’ll be happy to hear you out and have a conversation about it. But I don’t think it’s a very moral message to threaten people with “everlasting agony”…

  3. perth says:

    This is what “moral” atheists who were soaked with hatred towards the Catholic Church did to a human being. Mr RP – you are talking about some unimportant things (like Hitler` spainting and so )while you seem not to perceive fully the main premise. Stop beating about the bush. The morality is in your heart. You might agree with it. It is the voice of the Creater whether you admitt His existence or not. However, the fruther you are from Him the more this voice is distorted. Mind mate – Nazi guards in Autshwitz concentration camp had also some sort of morality. For example their moralty was not to mix with jews in sexual acts, listen to Furer , ect. But to deaden the pangs of conscience (the voice you would say) they drank like a fish and spent time with prostitutes. Let me get to the point – all but very few the most notorious tyrants (Caligula, Genghis Khan, Henry VIII, Kim Jong Il, Pol Pot, Ivan IV, ect. )of human history were either deliberate atheists or ex-protestans/eastern ortodox (for whom God meant absolutely nothing). Ok. you are ordinary man from the States not a King or Tzar. Well, statistically people who do not believe in God far more often get divorced, have abortion, commit suicide, froud , lie, ect. Since they rejected the Infinite Good they could only follow finite Evil , their Master, – Lucifer. They devoted their soul, mind, body, thouts, life to it. There is no middle way. Either you accept Infinite LOVE or your life sooner or later becomes ultimate dispair, hopelessness, distress, suffering and so on. Why ? – because as St. Augustine says, the human heart is restless until it finds rest in knowledge of God, of the ultimate spiritual truth. People who fully devoted themselves to the Divine are bestowed with the gift of supernatuaral peace. You could kill them and they still be singing the glory of the Lord. First Martyrs of the Church experienced that in abundance. Saint Maxymilian Kolbe died in a death chamber for love of Mother of God. He was dying in peace and joy which you shall never be able to comprehend.
    “Come to me all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” You know why I decided to post this second comment – you are not atheist, actually there is slight thread that holds you with the Divine. I found your soft spot. Your fear of the Uncertain. You fear of the Hell it means you are not 100% certain that it does not exist. How can a man fear sth that he/she does not believe in ? How can I be afraid of deadly insects living in Congo while I live thousands of miles away. Sheer nonsence! By all means, you are going to say that your intention was to point out my immoralty. Ha, lame excuse, mate. Have a good night mr wise-man.

  4. RP says:

    Dear Perth, I think I’ve been courteous to you. I have pointed out logical and factual errors in your claims, and I tried to do it in a nice way. In return, you choose to mock me. I hope this is not an example of Christian ethics? That’s ok, I can play that game too.

    Clearly, you are sincere in your beliefs. But sincerity is not enough. It is one thing to wish something to be true and another to discover that it is true through honest reasoning based on facts and evidence, and a willingness to say “I’m ready to admit that I may be wrong.”

    Both of your texts contain so many logical flaws and factual errors, it’s hard to keep up.

    First, I don’t believe your statistical claim about atheists. I think you just made it up, or you heard it from someone who made it up. I challenge you to back up the claim with a factual and independent reference. Like I did with my claim. Can you do that? Or did you lie for Jesus?

    I kindly suggest, again, that you look up the words correlation and causality. It is not unimportant. It makes all the difference for whether your logic is valid or broken. If you make an effort to understand it, you may see why the example with Hitler as a painter demonstrates your broken logic. I am not trying to convince you of anything. You can have your beliefs. I am simply pointing out logical and factual errors in your reasoning. I don’t know about you, but I appreciate when people are kind enough to point out a flaw in my thinking. It gives me a chance to correct it and learn something new. Your attempt to mock me and to dismiss my reasoning as “unimportant” make me suspect that you are guided more by wishful thinking than an honest desire to seek the truth.

    One of your claims is most certainly correct: one of us is deeply misguided about what morality is.

    Here is something that is deeply immoral:

    “I sometimes hear a voice in my head. He says He’s God, the creator of the universe. And He speaks to me! It’s quite wonderful. The voice says He agrees with my opinions about women, gays, abortion and heathens, and He gave me divine permission to treat them like shit and take away their human rights.”

  5. Madness, insanity, know no bounds.

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