Egypt’s path back to theocracy

Until now, state media has taken a secular approach to its treatment of women, keeping women’s headscarves and full-face veils off the air. Former president Mubarak banned the niqab (full veil) from television screens. But now, Islamists are merrily re-introducing the symbol of subjugation of women into society.

From RT:

“Finally, the revolution has reached Egyptian media,” Islamist Information Minister Salah Abdel Maqsud Nabil told the Muslim Brotherhood’s daily newspaper, Freedom and Justice. Maqsud Nabil said that the appearance of a veiled woman on national television should serve as an example to other women appearing in TV broadcasts.

In related news, fully-veiled women get their own TV channel in Egypt, giving “devout women who wear the veil an opportunity to find themselves a job”.

Funny… what these men call “opportunity for women”, I would call oppression, subjugation, and apartheid.

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