The similarity between God and an abusive spouse

You might say this is a needlessly offensive interpretation of the Bible or the Quran. Really? The Bible is bursting with these ideas on pretty much every page. Good luck apologizing for that.

And by the way, this goes for all abrahamitic religions: Judaism, Christianity, Islam. And probably a lot of other gods too.

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3 Responses to The similarity between God and an abusive spouse

  1. Interesting timing (for me) on this post. On Friday, during a daily lunchtime walk with work friends, the conversation came around to teachers, and what a thankless job they have. One of the guys, talking about how limitations placed on the teachers made the job even tougher, said, “You’re supposed to teach them to be good, but you can’t talk about God; you’re supposed to maintain discipline, but you can’t lay a finger on the kids.”

    Without meaning to, he laid out a wonderfully apt parallel: teaching children about God serves the same role as corporal punishment, or, to take it a step further, it’s child abuse.

  2. David says:

    Even as an atheist now, this sends a familiar chill through me, memories of how I once thought.

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