Iran 1970 versus 2009

Guess what happened in between? Theocrats took power in 1979, forcing religion upon the state, upon the people, in schools, and including moral police on the streets to inspect women’s clothing. And detailed instructions on which kind of sodomy is permitted on babies.

Foreign Policy Magazine has more great pictures from before the revolution.

The same thing is now happening in Egypt.

They have Islamic morality police in Russia too, on the beach.

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4 Responses to Iran 1970 versus 2009

  1. Robster says:

    Jees, the business to have in Iran would have to be the shop of black sacks. A whole fashion could be developed to keep the girl kiddies under control. Better still, lock ’em all up to keep their weak willed blokes from having dirty thoughts.

  2. It’s a very sad change that happened when the balance of power shifted the way it did in Persia. I would believe the world would be better off, if no change would have happened at all.

    • Robert says:

      Yeah, if the US hadn’t hated the democratically elected socialist government and instead stuck in a corrupt US favouring monarchy which triggered the revolution where would Iran be today, USA, USA, USA, the only way to pretty much guarantee a massive corporate run screw up.

      • There isn’t much to brag about in the current state of affairs either.
        Most likely the best outcome would have come to happen if the secularists who were fighting against the social injustice would have come to power.
        Don’t take me wrong, I am not denying the human rights violations that the Shah was responsible for. I am merely contemplating and playing around with “what if” scenarios.

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