Proof that God AND Allah exist

The title is a lie of course. Nothing has changed: Christianity and Islam still completely reject each other.

What also hasn’t changed, after 3,000 years of intense reflection by thousands and thousands of theologians, each of whom we have given a life-time of salary through our tax money, is the sad excuse for what they think passes for a proof, or even an argument, or even an indication of anything at all.

Behold the breath-taking, bullet-proof religious logic. Or as I’d call it, the utter waste of oxygen:

Not only does the above argument “prove” the Christian god as well as the Islamic god. It can be used to prove anything at all. Watch it again, and you have “proven” that god is an invisible pink unicorn that farts out universes.

In formal terms, the logical fallacies we see above is: they skip the step from deism (which they failed to prove) to theism (which they simply asserted without any argument at all).

In practical terms, most so-called “God proofs” follow similar lines:

The universe exists. Therefore a God exists. Therefore my particular God exist, the one who cares about me, listens to my prayers and hates gays. Therefore all other religions are false and you will all burn in hell.

You know what you are expected to do: OBEY.

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