Mother beat daughter into coma, told court ‘Only God can judge me’

[The suspect is] charged with extreme child abuse after admitting to gluing her 2-year-old daughter’s hands to a wall and beating the small girl into a coma. Escalona pleaded guilty but told the court, “Only God can judge me.”

More at The Christian Post.

Now hold on just one second, you say. There are lunatics everywhere. We shouldn’t blame an entire religion for what a single nutcase does?

Actually, yes, we should blame the entire religion. The whole point with religion is that it gives you divine permission to justify pretty much any vile behavior. The only requirement is that you dig up a Bible quote that might be loosely interpreted to support your actions. Or that you once interpreted a priest claiming as much. Or the best option: you heard voices in your head telling you to go abuse another human being. Then it’s all fine and dandy.

That’s what religion teaches us, and that’s why it is fair to blame the whole religion for what individual nutcases do.

Religion poisons your mind.

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