Mandatory membership

When did you become a member of your church? Did anyone ask you if you wanted to be part of a harmful death cult?

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3 Responses to Mandatory membership

  1. Have you ever seen a baby who DIDN’T cry, during baptism??? They HATE it! Maybe their soul knows what’s going on. 😉

  2. Johnny says:

    I don’t remember it, but I was baptised. I have forgiven my parents for their poor misguided decision because they now realise it as such. My stance on it is: I don’t give a fuck, because it means nothing. I do not acknowledge the rite of baptism, I’ve splashed water on my face many a time since then. The baptism is null and void.

    • RP says:

      Dear Johnny, I’m afraid you’re wrong. Baptism doesn’t mean nothing.

      In many countries, baptism means you’re automatically enrolled as a member in the church. This means they will keep track of you, and the day you grow up and start working, a church membership fee will be taken from your salary, usually a few hundred dollars yearly, as long as you live. In some countries, even secular countries in the west, the membership fee is taken by the IRS so it looks like another tax in tax declaration. And they won’t even tell you. It’s your obligation to spot it and opt out of the cult.

      Aside from the money, Christian doctrine says that while you can cancel the membership, you can never be unbaptized. So even if you and I don’t believe the voodoo crap, many people do and will forever feel marked by the death cult that is Christianity.

      Makes you think. Did God make such a lousy job convincing humanity of his existence so mandatory enrollment is the only way to get members?

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