Unethical Jesus quotes from the Bible

From United Atheists of America:

Jesus said to hate your family to become his disciple, in Luke 14:26.
Jesus says it’s okay to own and beat slaves, in Luke 12:47-48
Jesus says to cut off your hand or pluck out your eyes if they offend, in Matt 5:28-32.
Jesus says it’s more important to anoint him with precious ointment than to give it to the poor, in Mark 14:4-7.
Jesus says anyone that believes in him can play with venomous snakes or drink poison without harm, in Mark 16:18.
Jesus says anyone who denies his rulership must be killed, in Luke 19:27.
Jesus says anyone who doesn’t believe in him must be burned, in John 15:6.

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One Response to Unethical Jesus quotes from the Bible

  1. Robster says:

    The baby jesus said these horrible things? Are we sure or are we quoting from the bible, that notorious pile of silly nonsense? I love it how those afflicted with jesusness are able to turn his message of violent hate into one of love when it’s plainly not. I’spose given the bible is a fantasy book of fiction, they can make him say whatever they wish because it seems he really said nothing, of substance ever.

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