Louisiana textbook teaches Loch Ness Monster proves Christianity

Creationists want to reach your kids:

Taxpayers in Louisiana will be paying for some remarkable lies to be taught to impressionable schoolchildren this year. Through a state funded voucher program designed to funnel children into over 100 religious schools, students will be taught a wide variety of whoppers and whale tales. Among them, the “fact” that the Loch Ness Monster disproves evolution, and the “fact” that a Japanese whaling boat found a dinosaur in 1977.

Full article over at the Atlanta Atheism Examiner.

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3 Responses to Louisiana textbook teaches Loch Ness Monster proves Christianity

  1. Irea says:

    Kids with no libraries….. In their School…. What…?!

    And being taught that rubbish!

    That’s upsetting.

  2. Himself says:

    Great link, if only for the graphic. There is no one who likes a good graphic more than I, and the ‘Loch Ness Jumbo’ is priceless. I tried to leave your man a thank you, because it now adorns my own post on the issue, but for reasons best known to others, I couldn’t find the means to do so.

    Regarding the other thing, serious stuff man, serious stuff indeed.

  3. Himself says:

    By the by, I knew I had something in my picture library that was right up your street. I have even re-done the caption. Same words, but the original resolution was very poor.
    PS: I have just spent half a day of my life going through your man’s blog, wow! I take it he’s from Nevada, do they have any kind of psychological test before you can by a gun there?
    Apart from smooth bore weapons, just about all guns are outlawed here in the UK as a result of: (Google) dunblane massacre andy murray
    The bad guys still have them of course, but we were never a gun toting society anyway.

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