Am I not a perfect God?

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One Response to Am I not a perfect God?

  1. Himself says:

    Good morning, forgive me I don’t know your name, but I can only assume it is yourself that left me comments/advice at my blog post, Can You Overdose on Irony….

    The comments that you made have suddenly taken on a whole new meaning, for it is only in the last minute or two that I opened and read the content leading from the ‘narcissist-atheist’ link left by your man Knight.

    Wow! It doesn’t come any more disturbed than that does it? Little wonder his parents are perturbed, and well they should be, anybody with so much anger in him, would be I shouldn’t wonder, potentially, quite a serious threat to those around him. I hope they have the gun cabinet well secured, I think Knight’s potential, for one day loosing his already extremely tentative hold on reality, is far more than a remote possibility. Heaven forbid that he should take up Christ’s ‘work’ in earnest.

    I am at present, writing this on your latest post, but I think it might be prudent to move my comment to a post lower down the page, I should hate to be a trigger for what I feel must be inevitable, a tragedy involving far more people than just Knight himself. It’s not as though the warning signs aren’t already there is it?

    Although it’s not your responsibility, and I don’t even share the same continent with you, but as an act of kindness to Knight, and potentially lots of others, is there some way, someone in authority might be made aware of this fellow’s anger and state of mind? Because quite frankly, and although I am not a psychiatrist, I feel the fellow is more than disturbed, I think in fact, he is quite insane.

    You will of course have my email address, should you wish to use it to communicate, please feel free.


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