Just another spokesperson for the religion of peace

As a beautifully ironic example of how religion poisons the mind, today we show a specimen from this blog’s comment section. A nice person called “ziya” decided to share these deep thoughts with us:

and you mother fucker dont try to comment as you are muslim…you are non muslimm may 1000000000 kaafir fucked to your mom and you were born your mother may be just like a PIG thats why you are acting like this………go and fuck your mother useless fellow …..you are not eligible to pass comment here….

In a follow-up comment, he graced us with this clarification:

mother fucker ……really you have not born by one father may be 100000000000000000000000 or infinity mens fucked to your mother then you borned useless fellows….stop this else allah will do the same with i\you in hell………….see how non muslims commented because of you………mother fucker you are not muslims…..if you come infront of me then i will cut your pennis and i will give it to in your hand…….

Ziya, thank you so much for sharing your infinite wisdom and showing your friendly attitude. Here’s a picture for you:

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