Pictures from the creation museum in Kentucky

Head over to Skeptical Monkey for more pics.

In case you didn’t know, the creation museum was founded by creationist Christians. It teaches kids that science is false and that the Bible’s creation story is literally true, including the story about Noah’s ark – literally true.

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2 Responses to Pictures from the creation museum in Kentucky

  1. alicia says:

    yet another reason for my complete embarrassment in being from Kentucky….well, that’s not totally true, i suppose. i love my heritage, i love this beautiful state in which i live. i am dissapointed in and troubled with people so content in comfortable, elitist ignorance that they feel it necessary as well as their “blessed” right to teach propaganda as truth and force it on children. it’s appalling, arrogant, and debilitating. there is no alternative to what is real, proven, documented, and true. what they find “true” is an intangible promise of a delightful after-party to this life. if ppl don’t believe then they suffer for eternity….this is obscene. it’s completely sadistic and malicious to teach that to children and claim that it is an alternative to the reality that we are here now….living the only life that we know is real for sure. religion reduces good people to only want what it is ok to want..only learn what it is ok to learn…according to whom? i reject it. i reject that it will save anyone or provide happiness, and much less knowledge, in the here and now for anyone. i am in no way religious or spiritual. i am a human. i care about the welfare of other humans. i care about the education of children on what is real. i am in support of living without guilt for being what i am. i require no guide or steward or celestial deity and am not searching for one. i truly want humans to be happy and educated today and not be coerced into giving that up for the eternal prize that no man can promise. i am human, Kentuckian, and atheist. being what we are now, in this moment, is the only thing that has ever truly saved anyone.

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