Dress code police

Is Islam the only religion that claims to police women’s clothing in order to subjugate them?

Arguably, puritanical morals were not always invented by religion, and sometimes the reasons were merely practical (not much shampoo in the olden days). But in our time, religion is the only remaining movement claiming to uphold and impose on society the subjugation of women, in the east as well as in the west. Because the Creator of the Universe wants it that way.

Here, draw your own conclusions:

Exhibit A: Berlin, 1929.

Original 1920s Berlin photo showing Police stopping and checking two young ladies to see if their dresses are not too short.

Exhibit B: Tehran, 2011.

This Iranian woman appears to be engaged in a heated argument with a police man who has come to assist a black-chador clad woman from the morale police as she arrests the “offender”. She’s probably showing too much hair and wearing an outfit that isn’t as baggy and clumsy as “proper” “islamic” dress code dictates.

Exhibit C: First lady, wife of Ronald Reagon, honouring the religious rules.

Exhibit D: Replica of viking linen kerchief.

Exhibit E: Macedonia, 1962.

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2 Responses to Dress code police

  1. I guess “god” wouldn’t like my avatar. Thank you for this post. Far too much is being made of one religion’s subjugation of women, when it is something that is inherent to ALL religion.

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