Why homosexuality must be criminalized

Homosexuality must be criminalized. Why? Because God wants it. Trust me, a voice in my head told me, so it must be true.

Check out the good Christians below – they feel persecuted because they can’t persecute people they hate.

So there you have it. The Almighty Creator of the Universe has a divine plan on how to get rid of wicked sinners and foster sacred morality amongst his peoples, and that plan is to sign a new bill into law, call the cops, go to court and then prosecute the wrongdoers to the fullest extent of the law so that they can rot in jail. That would bring joy to the Supreme Ruler of the Earth and the Heavens and of All Life and Afterlife.

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1 Response to Why homosexuality must be criminalized

  1. Robster says:

    This god dude seems reluctant to act on his dismay about the gay thing. For many years the deluded spokespeople of this godthing have been warning us in serious voices backed up with a frown that jesus is coming back to do his nastiest. Thing is, nothing ever seems to happen. These warblers have been warbling this nonsense since the goatherders made up the bible in the bronze age. It would be much better, given their strong belief, if they would hold their collective breath until the magic jew comes back to fix it all up for them. That would take care of the problem.

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