The systematic oppression of women

This video starts off pretty dull but if you take the patience to watch, it is a gripping insight into the oppression of women in this day.

Video (click to play):

Does the idea of systematic oppression women come from religion? No, it is a patriarchal tradition far older, at least older than Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

Still, religion is the crook in the drama. Religion is the only remaining idea today that still maintains and recommends the systematic subjugation of women.

As usual, this is not just Islam. The Christian Bible not only mentions, but consistently recommends misogyny, slavery, and other ethical ideals cultivated by iron-age desert tribes.

Religious people sometimes present a curious argument: that it is their right to subjugate women since it is part of their religion and since freedom of religious and other ideas stands tall as one of the basic human rights, recognized by most civilized countries, by the U.N, and fully supported by secularists and humanists. This argument should be opposed whenever it shows its ugly face. Because it sucks. Firstly because the oppressive tradition is older than religion (duh), and secondly because human rights include the right to think and say what one wishes but do not include taking away the rights of others, which should be completely self-evident to anyone with a functioning brain.

Might be hard though if your brain is poisoned by religion.

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