These 271 celibate men want to control your uterus

Where would we be without Christian morality?

The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops – which today called for contraception coverage to be removed from the Affordable Care Act – is comprised of 271 active and 185 retired bishops. Among them are the following:

Bishop John McCormack: the former head of the Conference’s abuse committee, McCormack stepped down as bishop in 2011 after the Boston Globe revealed that he was shielding priests that left their own parishes after allegations of child abuse.

Bishop Robert Banks: a conference member who admitted he “dropped the ball” in transferring a fellow Bishop who stood accused of molesting children and publicly advocating sex between men and boys.

Bishop Francis DiLorenzo: a conference member who blamed a mother for allowing her sons to be molested and then sued the church for the reimbursement of legal fees.

Bishop Robert Brom who paid a $198 million settlement to 144 victims alleging sexual abuse by the Diocese since 1935.

Archbishop Alexander Brunett, now retired but still a member of the Conference, allowed Rev. John Cornelius to remain at his post in Washington even though Cornelius had been accused of several instances of sexual molestation of young boys.

Bishop John Gaydos, who leads a diocese in Jefferson City, is currently embroiled in a lawsuit for allegedly covering up for Anthony O’Connell, who admitted to repeated abuses of his seminary students.

Full article over at Daily Agenda.

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One Response to These 271 celibate men want to control your uterus

  1. HI guys I see the latest battle of religios bondage of the planet’s humans has taken a new turn.The insurance coverage for non religioes employees for female workers will cost millions of dollars , so the bottom line is money under the guise of brain contamination etc,etc .The gurus honeypot is in danger and the sky gods are indifferent to the results.

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