Circumcision surgery (video)

Do you know someone who says circumcision is OK because we shouldn’t interfere too much with people’s religious traditions? If so, ask them to watch this video.

It shows a quick circumcision surgery done by a professional under clean and controlled conditions. Then imagine what it’s like when done by an uneducated priest with a sharp stone or piece of glass. Or on a woman.

And The Lord said that it was good:

From The Whole Network.

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4 Responses to Circumcision surgery (video)

  1. Pete Knight says:

    A barbaric stone age ritual has no place in this day and age.

  2. Jeena says:

    I wasn’t able to watch it.

  3. Ron Low says:

    Foreskin feels REALLY good.

    HIS body, HIS decision.

  4. Jono says:


    EVIL: “Eat the foreskin.”
    GOOD: “Don’t do it!! That’s gross!!”
    EVIL: “Eat the foreskin.”
    GOOD: “Stop thinking about it!!”
    EVIL: “You know what you must do. Eat it. It is your destiny.”
    GOOD: “But that’s cannibalism!”
    EVIL: “So what?”
    GOOD: “Cannibalism is shunned for a reason! It spreads diseases!”
    EVIL: “Look dipshit. It’s your own fucking flesh. Any diseases in there, you already got.”
    GOOD: “But it’s SELF-cannibalism!”
    EVIL: “So is chewing on the piece of skin you bit off your fingertip. BFD.”
    GOOD: “But this is weird, deranged and perverted!”
    EVIL: “Exactly”
    GOOD: (Hauls its sorry whupped ass away and shuts up)

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