Beheaded for practising sorcery

A Saudi woman, Amina bint Abdulhalim Nassar, was executed by beheading in the northern province of Jawf for “practising witchcraft and sorcery,” the Interior Ministry of Saudi Arabia said in a statement.

The beheading took to 73 the number of executions in Saudi Arabia this year.

Read more at Amnesty International.

You know what’s even worse? The charge of sorcery is not even defined as a crime in Saudi Arabia.

But guess which crimes are defined as punishable by death in Saudi Arabia? Rape, murder, armed robbery, drug trafficking, and… you guessed it: apostasy.

Apostasy is the act of rejecting the religion of Islam. If you do that, it hurts the feelings of the Creator of the Universe, immensely. And the only thing that can make Allah the Merciful happy again is when He gets to see your head chopped off. Luckily, His legions of blind followers are only too happy to aim their sword at your neck.

Do you feel safer now?

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