Sex according to Allah

“The women of paradise are pure, unblemished, menstruation-free, free of feces, urine, phlegm, children…


They are restricted to tents, locked up for the husband. There is no such thing as going out. Then he comes home ā€“ they are there. There is no such thing in paradise as a man coming home and not finding his wife there.


The Prophet Muhammad says that in Paradise, a man gets the strength of 100 men when it comes to eating, drinking, passion, and sex.”

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2 Responses to Sex according to Allah

  1. Matthew McLeod says:

    Sometimes I forget these nuts believe in Genies ‘Jinn’ 0:34. Laughed at that, shuddred at the rest of it.

  2. Anne says:

    Perhaps their paradise is filled with blow-up dolls? That’s what those “women” sound like.

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