Today’s creationist science

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2 Responses to Today’s creationist science

  1. *shakes head*

    And the only reason they keep choosing to believe this shit is because they are afraid of leaving Christianity for fear of “being wrong.”

  2. AngryAtheistArchaeologist says:

    Actually the hypothesis that ancient animals may have used “mats” or “rafts” or vegetal matter to cross large bodies of water does have some scientific merit. There are, after all, similar animals on opposite sides of oceans who did not independently evolve there. However, these events would have taken place something like a 4 million years before even the earliest possible date for the biblical flood, not to mention a 100% lack of any material evidence for a deluge on the scale of the one mentioned in the bible, even if you limit the flood size only to the areas that reports tales of one (i.e. SW Asia and India).

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