God hates left-handedness too

“Homosexuality is wrong because God says so.”
“Women should have less rights because God says so.”
“It’s ok to have slaves because God says so.”
“Heathens must die because God says so.”
“Adulterers shall be stoned because God says so.”

In the previous post we claimed/guessed that left-handedness is the only human trait that hasn’t been used by religious people to oppress others. Zara explains that this was wrong:

“In Spain, up to nineteenth century, left-handedness was a sign of the devil and ‘cured’ with corporal punishment, until children wrote with their right hands.”

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2 Responses to God hates left-handedness too

  1. Bria says:

    It’s the biblical way…if something puckers your ass-find a way to justify doing away with it in the bible.

  2. Pete Knight says:

    My father went to Catholic school as a left-hander and got his hand slapped with ruler so much that he became ambidextrous. Double bonus, he renounced religion and gained ambidexterity.

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