God hates female skin

Here’s a story from a beach in Russia. They have a morality police. For real.

Via AHA Foundation:

[Schoolteacher Yelena Abduzhalimova] walked onto the court with her friends and she stepped forward to serve the ball. Instantly, a powerful explosion threw her into the air, flying 10 feet above the ground. She had stepped on a mine hidden in the sand. It was the third explosion on the public beach that season, and one that cost Abduzhalimova her leg above the knee.


Last fall, women in sleeveless dresses and short skirts were harassed and shot by paint guns on the streets by the semi-official morality police. Leaflets distributed at Muslims girls’ schools this summer warned, “Behavior is important—Muslim women should not speak loudly or look directly into the eyes of men.”

The initiatives are backed at the very top: Chechnya’s Kremlin-backed president Ramzan Kadyrov, pushes the new Islamic dress code, and his wife has a fashion house that creates Islamic dress standards. On state television, shows are devoted to instructing women about the proper look for a pure Muslim, and feature models in floor-length gowns with veiled faces.

Let’s try to be fair here. Religion might not be the origin of the idea that females must hide their bodies, hair, and faces. Just like the tradition of foreskin removal, it’s possible that these ideas came before, or at least independent from religious ideas.

So religion is not the root of all evil, hooray!

Not so fast. Actually religion is still very much to blame, in a more sinister way. Religion is the only idea that takes a dehumanizing superstition like this and legitimizes it, encourages it, mandates it, enforces it.

It’s not just Islam. Slavery is not only recommended in the Bible; it is mandated, and consistently so.

Make no mistake: The sole purpose of these traditions, whether of religious origin or not, is to ensure that a certain group of people can oppress and control another group of people. And dehumanization is the means. All religion have done, and still do this; with women, homosexuals, people of no faith, people of other faiths, people of the same faith but not sufficiently so. And so on.

In fact, there seems to be only a single human trait that has not been abused by religion to create divisiveness among peoples: left-handedness! So far…

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5 Responses to God hates female skin

  1. Zara says:

    You are wrong: In Spain, up to nineteenth century, left-handedness was a sign of the devil and ‘cured’ with corporal punishment, until children wrote with their right hands.
    Best regards

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