Girl, 10, beaten and expelled from school for ‘blasphemous’ spelling mistake

From The Freethinker:

A 10-year-old Christian schoolgirl […] misspelled a word pertaining to a poem in praise of the “prophet” Mohammed.

The Urdu word, according to this report, was “naat” (hymn), but [she] wrote it as as “laanat” (curse).

All hell then broke loose. On spotting the error, Bhatti’s Urdu teacher Fareeda Bibi, scolded the child and beat her.

Matters escalated when the school’s administration and religious leaders decided that the error was “serious” enough to fall within the realm of blasphemy.

The next day, male students at the school and some religious leaders organised a rally and demanded that Bhatti be expelled and charged with blasphemy.

It was reported later that a mob chanted slogans against Christians, and in last Friday’s sermons religious leaders denounced the episode as “a conspiracy against Islam”, which ought to be crushed.

To appease the religious nutjobs, the school administration expelled Bhatti – and her mother was stripped of her job at a local hospital, and transferred to another.


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