“Come back to life in Jesus name!”

What’s your position? Are atheists and secularists too provocative and hateful towards religion? Should we be accepting, tolerant, and regardful to people with religious beliefs? There’s no harm if we allow them to have their religion and act it out?

If you say yes to these questions, don’t protest when they come and teach harmful superstition to your child.

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5 Responses to “Come back to life in Jesus name!”

  1. herp says:

    I can’t believe this blog isn’t well known or oft commented. Very good show sir.

  2. Talia Rose says:

    Excellent video. I saw the documentary that it’s from… I think it was called “Children of God”, if I am not mistaken. It was like watching a train wreck- I was too fascinated to look away despite my body cringing the whole time.

    I also concur with this Herp person. I love this blog! It’s quite surprising that more people don’t comment. I often wonder, who’s the genius behind this blog? Anyway, good job.

    • MT says:

      The movie is “Jesus Camp”.

      Don’t try to trick me with kind words though. If you like this blog, you’re an atheist, hence an evil person without any morals. See you in hell!

      • talia says:

        I’m no athiest. Religious folk love to assume because your secular that you must be an atheist. Not true. I’m devoted to a religion called “Taliaism”. It derives from an idea spawned from my baby rib. I have a fictional book that is a handy guide to Taliasm, as well.

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