Priest blames mothers for priests raping their kids

Full article at Irish Central.

To be fair, the priest in question doesn’t directly blame mothers for pedophile priests, but he says mothers are as guilty as clergy when it comes to covering up the rape of their own children.

Extracts from Fr Paddy Banville’s article:

“In exposing abuse within the Catholic Church, we have opened the door to hell and stepped inside the front porch, and standing there in horror some have dared to peer further, into the hallway and reception areas of a very dark and unexplored house.”

“In time, I believe Ireland will discover that there is nothing particularly unique in the Catholic bishop’s bungling attempts to deal with clerical abuse…In fact, I believe that covering up is a typical response to child abuse right across the board, at least until very recently.”

“Few can accept my next point and, of course, it’s so politically incorrect to make the point, but there is another category of people that will match the failure of the bishops, and probably surpass it; the wives and mothers of Ireland, not exclusively wives and mothers but far too many who failed miserably to deal with the abuse of their children by other family members.”

“Let me conclude by adapting the words of the Taoiseach: there is no shortage of dysfunction, disconnection, elitism and narcissism in the Republic of Ireland 2011, where the rape and torture of children are downplayed or managed, to uphold instead the primacy of the family, the family name, its power, standing and reputation, and where multitudes living in our midst, have turned a blind eye: not my business!”

“We don’t know it yet, or perhaps we don’t want to know it, but in terms of child abuse the Catholic Church is holding up a mirror to Irish society.”

“This time Enda Kenny has got to go all the way and all the way is much further than the Vatican!”

So there you have it. You and I are as bad as those mal-adjusted, creepy, child-raping, elderly virgins who claim they know what the creator of the universe wants with your life.

Their divine moral compass might be bad, but don’t you for a moment dare think that you might be an inch better!

Via @unapologist.

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One Response to Priest blames mothers for priests raping their kids

  1. Kenneth Low says:

    Catholic priests can’t self-discipline their sexual misconduct for a simple reason: Jesus Christ was a homosexual. Presumably, they seek guidance through prayer and meditation and always get the same answer: the sinner must always be forgiven.

    Don’t be naive. Catholic church officials have always known some priests are sexually active homosexuals. How could they not know? They all went to school together.

    I wrote a book, Dark Knowledge that demonstrates the homosexuality of Jesus Christ. You could visit my web site, http://www.darkknowledgebykennethlow or read my blog:

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