The Vatican and the Nazis

Here’s a question for you: Why did the Catholic Church play along with Hitler? Why didn’t they stand up and oppose the Nazi party’s genocidal warfare, dehumanizing morals, and totalitarian policy?

For example, it would have been a fairly simple but extremely powerful gesture to excommunicate a Catholic Nazi leader or two for taking part in The Final Solution. Why didn’t this happen? Why did the Catholic Church play along until the very end?

Wasn’t the church powerful enough to stand up? With an organization mightier and more resilient than most governments? (Its hierarchical structure of governance was admired and copied even by Hitler himself.) With monetary wealth so lavish that it must have been considered obscene even in those times? With a platform of absolute morality delivered by God almighty, creator of the universe? With a Pope that was, and is, according to Catholic dogma, infallible and incapable of even the possibility of error? With an overwhelming Christian population in Europe who certainly would have heeded any exhortation proclaimed by His Holiness, Patriarch of the West? And with the ultimate force on their side – God, creator of heaven and earth, life and afterlife?

With all this power, moral authority, access to the hearts of the people of Europe, and divine support from God himself, why didn’t the Catholic Church oppose Nazism?

Here, make up your own opinion:

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2 Responses to The Vatican and the Nazis

  1. Pete UK says:

    A website with a collection of Nazi/Catholic photos, some as seen on the video, plenty of others too!

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