God says pedophilia is OK

The question is now settled: It is morally fine to marry a 1-year old and to rape a 9-year-old. Because this filthy preacher says so.

We’re all born with fears and superstitions. Like all animals, the human race survived and evolved thanks to those fears. Fear of the dark, of death, snakes, spiders, unexpected sounds helped us survive even if the danger was often just imagined. Better safe than sorry, better scared than dead. Some fears and phobias are probably built into our limbic brains since millions of years, others are conceived by us and passed on in our cultures.

One question must have arisen often: How can I convince my fellow tribesmen and women that my particular superstitions are the most valid and should be obeyed? What is the most effective way? Well, if I say they’re not just my arbitrary rules, but I received them from God? And that God will punish anyone who questions them? If I can make people believe that, I’m pretty much done.

Abortion is bad because God said so. Homosexuality is bad because God said so. Women are inferior because God said so. Infidels must die because God said so.

This is what all religion is about (not just Islam). Take a random bunch of superstitions and say it’s dogma. Rules that must never be questioned. Because God said so.

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