This lunatic wants to become president

And now for some politics. Let’s say you’re a congress representative and you wish to prevent a healthcare reform put forward by the opposing (ruling) party. What is the most rational and effective course of action?

Here’s what congresswoman Michelle Bachmann did. This was two years ago. Today, she’s officially running for President of the USA.

We are so fucked.

From Right Wing Watch:

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2 Responses to This lunatic wants to become president

  1. Anon_Phlex says:

    Fret not, my friend. With Michelle Bachmann calling for a ban on pornography, she has lost her *entire* male (and some of her female) voting base. Oh, and her whole “blacks would be better under slavery” thing lost their potential vote as well. Let’s try not to distract ourselves too much with the clown Palins and Bachmanns, they’re nobodies.

  2. Do we really want this deluded crazy person to have her finger on the big red button? If she were to
    become Prez she would have everyone marching to the church of HER choice the next day and to another war the next one after that.

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