Apologies for my lousy writing

This is one of the oldest apologetic arguments from a Christian: “Silly you for making fun of Exodus 1. Obviously it isn’t supposed to be interpreted literally. This is one of many symbolic Bible stories, a kind of poetry.”

Oh really? Poetry? First of all, if viewed as poetry it’s lousy writing and probably was considered third-rate lyricism even 2,000 years ago when it was conceived.

Second, we all know it never was intended to be just poetry. It was intended as mythology, in other words a fairy-tale story for kids and grown-ups alike, who accepted it as an intriguing story and the next best thing to truth. Presumably, most normal people surely suspected it wasn’t actually the truthful explanation of how the world works, but in absence of something better it was at least a nice story that was worth retelling by the camp fire.

Thus, if you are one of the people today who regard it as literally true, you are even more stupid than the ignorant bronze-age goat-herders who made it all up.

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