Now God will destroy America

Do you think homosexual love is fine and well? If yes, then the next step for you is to go rape an angel, and then God will destroy your nation. Any questions? Listen to Pat Robertson’s delightful explanation below.

Most religious people are obsessed with your sex life. Yes, yours. It is very much their business. They absolutely need to control what you do in your bedroom. They can’t leave you be, because then God might become very, very angry. And we wouldn’t want to risk that – considering his boundless genocidal rage as described in many places in the Bible.

So, now that New York has legalized gay marriage, here are some insightful reactions from prominent Christian leaders. And Pat Robertson here:


In the end, it’s simple: Allowing gay marriage doesn’t restrict any privileges for the faithful or anyone else. So what the faithful are really obsessing over is that they feel a need to deny you your basic rights.

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3 Responses to Now God will destroy America

  1. No civilization embracing homosexuality? Only one of the largest and longest standing empires of all time, the Roman: of the first 15 emperors only one was not bisexual. There is no greek or latin word for homosexuality, because people did not consider gender an important in sex: “In the ancient world so few people cared to categorize their contemporaries on the basis of the gender to which they were erotically attracted that no dichotomy to express this distinction was in common use”

  2. MT says:

    For a bigoted preacher, the important thing is not to base your reasoning on actual facts. The important thing is to base your preachments on hatred and a condescending, divisive attitude towards humanity.

    Not only are his facts absent, his whole so-called reasoning is faulty. No surviving civilization ever embraced science-based medicine, until the last few decades. Thus, we’re doomed for using medicine.

  3. lou says:

    [Hi Poisons. Here’s some “poison” I ran into while at my computer.]


    Jesus predicted 2000 years ago (in Luke 17) that just before His return to earth as Judge, there will be a strange worldwide fad notable for its speed, boldness, violence, and impudent in-your-face openness. He called this craze the repetition of the “days of Lot” (see Genesis 19 for details). By helping to fulfill this spontaneous worldwide mania quietly coordinated by unseen forces, gays are actually hurrying up the final Judgeship of Christ. What’s really scary is the phrase “reprobate mind” found in Romans 1:28. One can ignore one’s conscience so much that God finally turns that person over to the “reprobate mind” of the most diabolical leader of evil in the universe. When this happens it’s almost as if the brainwashed human being has signed a statement saying “I don’t ever want God and don’t care if I end up in Hell!” The entire first chapter of Romans explains why God is forced to eventually and sorrowfully abandon certain individuals who constantly choose evil over good and ignore their conscience! If you’re laughing at this message, you may have almost reached the point of no return. Be sure to keep on laughing when God allows entire cities to be suddenly destroyed. Revelation 16:18-19 describes the greatest earthquake of all time which will level the “cities of the nations” – a quake that’s never achieved this in the past. There’s only one thing that can destroy America – no matter who becomes President – and that’s a four-letter word: EVIL. Change the letters and you can become totally VILE (and thus do your part to force God to send America even more disasters). Or better yet, you can turn to Christ (He’s the “Creator” that America’s founders referred to). And He’s alive and promises to reveal Himself to you if you will just pray to Him in your own words and tell Him what you need! If you decide to partner with Him, He can change the letters in EVIL and show you how you can really LIVE – and you’ll kick yourself for not checking Him out sooner! Remember, He can forgive and erase from His records ANY sin – even murder – since He’s the only Saviour who can do this! I write this in the spirit of love because I care for the part of you that will live forever in either Heaven or Hell!

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