Spit on them

Islamic law has a death penalty for homosexuals.

Norwegian gay activist abused by muslim mob (source via Google Translate)

The Norwegian-Syrian activist is in Ireland to hold a peaceful demonstration outside the Islamic Cultural Centre, where she demands recognition for gay Muslims.

– A mob has gathered around me. They took my poster from me, called me a pig, spat on me and threatened me, says Rasmussen to AP by telephone from Dublin.

– They came out with an unmarried man and said they would take me to the mosque and get married to him, and that I would be cured after three nights.

“A man threatened me. He said that of course I should be killed. Then he repeated it three times with pressure on the word kill. He said I was sick. I answered briefly and told him just to leave me alone. He continued. Before he went in he said again: You should be killed. He was aggressive. ”

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