Permitted forms of marriage

Most Christians think gay marriage is an abomination. But according to the Bible, the following forms of marriage are not only permitted, but even recommended:

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8 Responses to Permitted forms of marriage

  1. Diane G. says:

    I love this, but before forwarding would sort of like to know who to credit. Is this an RP original? 🙂

  2. MT says:

    Source unknown, snatched it from twitter or /r/atheism.

    Nothing published here is RP original, so far. Not even the “thank you Jesus” banner.

  3. Diane G. says:

    Thanks for the reply & info!

  4. schae10 says:

    I posted this on social media not too long ago and had someone say this:

    “Too bad this doesn’t take into account the New Testament principles for marriage…but I totally understand how that would make it more difficult to attack the Bible. Just being snarky, by the way, not actually trying too pick a fight! :-)”

    I didn’t respond because I’m much too busy to attend to the needs of trolls. However, if I had I may have said something like:

    “It’s also too bad you only take into account what you want the Bible to say – Old and New… but I totally understand how cherry-picking only the things you like makes it easier to defend a contradictory, out-dated book based on the longest game of telephone. Just being logical, by the way, not actually trying to make you think ;)”

    • RP says:

      Good response. Some of us critics make it too easy and focus on the literal interpretations. But even the liberal, poetic interpretation is a sitting duck. A duck that needs to be shot, killed, buried, and the corpse be bundled off to the grave-yard of history, discarded together with other harmful, divisive, unethical, totalitarian ideologies.

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  6. GodsBeloved says:

    Can’t help but notice in that depiction of OT “permitted marriages” there’s not one instance of male on male, or female on female. So the whole point was…?

    • RP says:

      Dear GodsBeloved, if you didn’t get that point, no amount of further explaining will help.

      You can safely return to your regularly scheduled reading of the divinely inspired moral instruction book that is the Bible. Enjoy!

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