How to properly rest on the day of rest

If you’re an observing Jew, there are 39 types of specific actions that you must never do on the Sabbath (Friday night to Saturday night), such as using electricity, driving a car, pushing buttons, lighting a fire, planting, plowing, tying a knot, untying a knot, and so on.

According to the Old Testament, such actions are punishable by death. Obviously.

So what’s a poor Jew to do? Well, create utterly ridiculous workarounds, of course! If a God actually would exist, surely he would be extremely proud of the ingenuity of his chosen people:

Editor’s note: Due to the endless stream of utter lunacy emanating from Christians and Moslems, we haven’t mocked other religions much on this blog. But the last thing we would want is to discriminate. So this is one for the Jews!

For those who might not know, Judaism is the foundation from which both Islam and Christianity evolved. And Judaism itself evolved from previous mythologies.

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