God’s divine opinion of your genitals

“This baby is beautiful and perfect, truly created in God’s image. Except for… the foreskin!”


Genital mutilation still exists in many parts of the world. Most civilized societies have stopped such child abuse. It is upheld only by the religious, following the brilliant logic that the whole idea was conceived by a magical space daddy, and not an ancient tradition inherited from our primitive ancestors thousands of years ago.

A mind poisoned by religion will not be able to understand how embarrassingly simple this whole issue is: Circumcision of underage boys and girls may be performed only when there’s a valid medical reason. (And only science can determine a valid medical reason.) Grown-ups can of course choose to do whatever they want with their own bodies.

Want more? Don’t miss this wonderful story from the Bible about 200 foreskins.

And Hitchens on genital mutilation.

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