“We will feel an inner satisfaction”

Christianity explained by a top Jehovah’s Witnesses preacher. Allegedly and plausibly, children were in the audience.

    “We will not be traumatized by His mass annihilation of these individuals. No, His divine execution of the wicked will not haunt us for the rest of our lives. Rather, we will react to it today as we do when a vicious serial murderer is executed – how do you feel about him when he gets it? Why, we will feel an inner satisfaction. Our indignation has been appeased. Yes, a sense of triumph that at last, Jehovah’s justice has been served. AIDS has been stopped. The gays are gone, the homosexuals, the lesbians, the murderers, the drug lords, all gone. Are you gonna feel sorry for these people? Nah. [Chuckles]”


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