The Vatican’s flagrant disregard for justice and morals

This guy’s name is Joseph. He has 15 billion dollars in the bank. His day job is to teach that ghosts and magic superheroes really exist. One of his duties is to protect child rapists – over his career he has protected hundreds of them, helping them hide from the police and hindering the justice system from bringing them to criminal courts. Another part of the job is to help increase the suffering and death of women. One of his hobbies is to afflict millions of innocent children with the death and suffering of sexual disease, by teaching their parents that condoms are evil. When he finds time in his busy schedule, he enjoys to regularly oppose science, knowledge, and education. He frequently welcomes war criminals to his house.

Yesterday, he was celebrated by thousands for glorifying the high moral standing of another lousy protector of child rapists.

(Every single one of the claims above can be backed up by evidence.)

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3 Responses to The Vatican’s flagrant disregard for justice and morals

  1. just saying says:

    yes it s pretty true, though, everyone knows it s just …”stupid” and most of european countries really HAVE SEPARATED “CHURCH AND STATE”.. No religious teaching in public schools moslty. Maybe out of europe or in more “religious “…countries, this guy is seen..(perceived) as kind of dangerous, yet for sure about condoms and else “his” “talk” is….very old… in Fact, He’s retarded, but Hard to conceal 20th century industrialized world (how many more people crowding “earth?”…) and old stuff such as this bible that really COULDN T DARE PREDICT SUCH an evilistic way of…not using condoms… and reproducting, in that way just being meat and made for..well consumerism..
    The bible could almost make sense in 5 millions “earth”..or “planet”..
    (in need of reproduction for …the purposes of now being destroying our own planet

  2. I’ll find the video at some point, but Richard Dawkins calls him Pope Nazi in a Q and A. 🙂

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