Children trained for suicide missions

Children carefully staged to act out a suicide blast.

“Militants have a deliberate policy of recruiting teenagers, because they’re easy to train and to brainwash, and they’re hard for the authorities to detect. They can get close to their targets without arousing suspicion. Experts say 8 out of 10 suicide attacks here in Pakistan are carried out by teenage bombers.”

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2 Responses to Children trained for suicide missions

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  2. this is an interesting subject to comment on;the so called white hats have the latest weapons at their fingertips killing who they deem a danger to there way of life;the black hats have to make up the short fall by the suicide bomber method which is very effictive and cheap to train and use . the black hats because of there way of life have no problem with ptsd syndrome. The white hats have a very big problem with ptsd which is destructive to the system.Now who do you think is going to win in the long run depnding on the propaganda intensity of either side?###############

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