I didn’t come from a monkey!

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5 Responses to I didn’t come from a monkey!

  1. Ed says:

    LOL!! EPIC!!! i’m sharing this shit

  2. Cody Carpenter says:

    I have seen this woman on numerous shows. I know that she goes to Westboro Baptist Church. This church teaches an unbiblical, distorted, and perverted view of the Bible. I am a believer in Christ and I am studying religion in college. I fully believe that Eve was made from the rib of Adam. There is no proof otherwise. The statement in the picture is truth though the woman is crazy. Callonthelord89@yahoo.com

    • RP says:

      Dear Cody, HOW do you know your interpretation of the Bible is true and hers is distorted? Perhaps the holy spirit told her that God agrees with her and asked her to teach in this way.

      Since you talk about “proof” and studies, allow me to point out that your denouncement of her is a logical fallacy known as the “no true scotsman fallacy”:

      So, your calling another person crazy doesn’t make you a better person nor validates your own position one inch. This makes your statement completely worthless, aside from boosting your own ego.

      What you need to prove/show/demonstrate is why your interpretation is correct and hers is not. Good luck, nobody has succeeded in 3,000 years.

      (This is not a comment on the rib creation myth, just on your denouncement of her interpretation.)

  3. cody carpenter says:

    Dear RP, I know my interpretation is correct because the Bible does not teach what she preaches. NO where in the Bible does it says that God hates fags, or the you should protest at soldiers funerals. Also if she has the Holy Spirit, it does not change person to person it is the same it is only peoples sin nature that creates improper views of the Word of God.

    I have read you wiki link, and what I have said is not a fallacy. The Word goes beyond any man made rules. There in accordance with reading and studying Scripture my claim is valid. Plus Wikipedia is not a reliable source which is why the majority of scholars will not allow it as a source.

    You are right I should not have called her crazy she is no better than me we are all sinful creatures in the need of Christ. I was boosting my ego I was simply stating that I take the time to study, research, and interpret the Bible.

    There is too much to try to prove if someone would like to choose a topic then we can debate it. There has been research done to prove the Bible, and not one study has ever disproved it.

    As for the picture the statement is truth. We are in no way related to monkeys. We came from one man and one woman which the woman came from the man, but all came from God.

    Psalm 14:1
    Proverbs 14:12
    John 14:6

  4. RP says:

    Dear Cody,

    “Not one study has ever disproved the Bible” – I hate to sound condescending but you have a lot to learn. May I point you to Karen Armstrong’s books, and please note, she’s a faithful Christian, so there’s no propaganda to be afraid of. Here’s a brief overview of her research on the veracity of the Bible:

    In your comment above you base your entire argument on the authority of scripture. You couldn’t have selected a more broken platform to try to stand on.

    Why do I say that? First, there is no evidence, not even an indication, that the Bible indeed comes from a divine source. It’s a book. A bunch of priests claim it’s true. With that logic, the Quran is true. Hindu scripture is true. Norse scripture is true. Mormon scripture is true. Scientology scripture is true. They must all be true because it’s scripture and a bunch of clergy claim it’s true. Hence, you will need some other means of support to be able to assert the Bible is divinely inspired. Good luck – 5,000 years and counting.

    Second, even if you had proof (which Armstrong thoroughly refutes) that the Bible is divinely inspired, this would in no way lead to the conclusion that it is therefore true, or therefore good. It might be written by Satan to lure you. God himself might be evil. Again, all you have is the word of a bunch of priests, and perhaps a voice in your head that asserts the Bible is true and good.

    Third, even if the two points above were true (and they are not), we both know you can easily find dozens of Bible passages that you would NEVER agree with or endorse. (Here I’m not talking of metaphors, but passages that are clearly meant to be understood literally, take a look in Deuteronomy.) So you, like EVERY Christian in the world, need to cherry-pick which parts of the Bible you reject as irrelevant and which parts you accept as true.

    So any way you turn it, scripture is a completely disintegrated platform to try to stand on. Instead, it’s your interpretation versus everyone else’s. There are over 30,000 registered Christian denominations, all differing on interpretation. (How’s that for ecumenicism?)

    Hence, the woman above may very well be blessed with the 100% correct interpretation as intended by God.

    There are basically three ways to assert faith as true. Scripture (see above); authority (priests or parents who told you it’s true and perhaps scared you with stories about hell); or a voice in your head (you call it holy spirit, I call it delusional day-dreaming).

    Tell me. An all-knowing and all-powerful God who is truly good and thus cares about humans making the right decisions, would such a God really leave us with such utterly incomprehensible advice? You and I could very easily take the text of the Bible and improve it. God apparently didn’t care enough.

    God is man-made.

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