Why the Bible is fake

It seems there are still a few sentient beings on this planet who believe that the Bible is more than just mythology and superstition. That it’s somehow the word of a God, or “truth”.

If you are able, willing and prepared to hear actual facts about the Bible, check out these two clips. In short: The story about Jesus is taken from earlier mythologies. And the story of God is also taken from earlier mythologies.


“…the Bible is such a book of lies and contradictions there is no knowing which part to believe or whether any…” ~ The Age of Reason, Thomas Paine, p. 104

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4 Responses to Why the Bible is fake

  1. Phil says:

    You believe that Christians are deluded, perhaps willfully blind. Are you sure that you are not also a victim of this same mentality?
    I have been through all the arguments that you present here, along with dozens and dozens of arguments that attempt to prove the bible is a fake. I have looked for reasons to not believe and yet continually find evidence to believe. I could provide answers to all your questions and doubts, provide you with links to articles and lectures spoken by scientists, Philosophers, historians, etc, giving well reasoned, accurate arguments for the existence of God, the veracity of scriptural texts (better attested than any other historical text, btw), and even the resurrection of Jesus, but you will not care.

    Why? Because you do not want to. You belies that there is no truth to the Bible because if it is true, that would be an affront to all that you wish to hold on to. If Jesus is God, then you will know how you must give in to what he has told us. You must release your sense of self-mastery, your pride, your control, your anger, your inhibition, your belief that you are answerable and accountable to none but yourself.

    You will fight the right to these beliefs because the alternative frightens you even though, within Christ’s teachings, we have, not only a call to surrender, but the promise of blessings that you do not even realize are possible for you, yet.

    You can shake your fist at me, scream at me “No! That’s not me!” all day long, all your life if you wish. The truth is in those last three words, though: if you wish.

    What you WANT, is to be right. You want there to be no God and you will continually seek evidence for your hypothesis. (very un-scientific approach, really). I give you this challenge…

    Spend one month seeking evidence to support the existence of God, the authenticity of the Bible, the need for Jesus in your life. Do it with a genuine, honest acceptance that it COULD be true. Until you you do that, until you allow for the possibility for the opposite of your beliefs to be true, then you are a blinded dogmatist, just as you believe us Christians to be.

    I’ve done it. I’ve studied the other side of the argument, your side, and I no longer find any validity in its rhetoric and dogma. I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist.

    I honestly tell you this with love. I intend for this post to be in kindness. I say that because it is difficult to show the intent of my delivery, the motivation of my argument, through text. There is a good news, a great news, in the scripture and I pray that someday you will be willing to receive it.

    I wish you the best.

    God is standing by, waiting for you.

    • RP says:

      Dear Phil,

      Thanks for your honest and well-meaning thoughts. They deserve a proper response. Although this web site is intentionally and hopefully obviously naked propaganda, the people behind it spend a lot of their time reading and reflecting upon philosophical and theological matters, and although it doesn’t usually show here, I’d say we’re fairly informed about epistemology, ontology, and the most common claimed “evidence” for God.

      You, too, seem to have quite high thoughts of your knowledge and your mental capacity. Still, you and I have arrived at completely different conclusions about what can be believed on the basis of good reason. Well, it’s clear that you are totally right on one count: one of us is under a grave misapprehension.

      After reading your post, I’m sad to say I think you are the one who is mistaken. Your text, although honest and thoughtful, contains several false claims and betrays a profound misunderstanding of what evidence means. Your attempt at labeling non-belief “faith” and “dogma” is misguided and you probably know it. Moreover, your attempt at psycho-analysis (“the alternative frightens you”) is plainly embarrassing.

      I will attempt to clear out one misunderstanding. Atheists may be afraid of some things in this world. But, when dismissing religious answers, we’re not afraid of saying “I don’t know a better answer.”

      “I don’t know how everything started” or “There may be no authoritative absolute morals or meaning to life except what we create for ourselves through reasoned, open discussion, philosophical insights and both scientific and cultural exploration of human nature.”

      Confronted with such thoughts, atheists are humbled, for sure, and wary of the obvious challenges, but hardly afraid. On the contrary, we have faith in some things. We have faith in humanity’s capability to take responsibility for ourselves and this world, and we’re energized to try to pursue that cause.

      Phil, I wish you all the best, and I fully support your religious freedom to believe what you wish. I do retain the right to criticize and ridicule your religion, as you are free to attack my ideas. Take note, the only thing atheists and secularists ask of the religious is that you refrain from using your religion as a motive to trample on other people’s rights. Aside from that, anything goes. As long as we both honour this basic rule, I’m happy to be your friend if you wish.

  2. eutherien says:

    La vache!!
    It looks like a discussion!
    At my age I’ve never seen a believer capable of that …
    Of course, I know you went wrong (show me the links of the “scientists, Philosophers, historians, etc., giving Reasoned well, accurate arguments for the existence of God, the veracity of scriptural texts (better attested than Any Other historical text, btw), and even the resurrection of Jesus “, just to see …), but I honnore your patience and courage to defend your beliefs, and especially your willingness to open dialogue!
    Please continue.
    Sorry for the rough translation, I’m not English.

  3. Paul says:

    Christians are victims of years of brainwashing. I find that I can’t even talk to them or present facts. They always defend themselfs with quotes from the bible, nothing more. Defending yourself with quotes from a work of fiction is just rediculous. Christians need help as all people do who are involved in cults and brainwashing. Just because your parents and your pastor told you it was so doesn’t make it so. Wake up and learn to think for yourself.

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