Your opinion is not allowed

What happens if you wear a t-shirt with a secular message (“One nation, indivisible”) to a City Council meeting in Florida, USA?

Here’s what happens. Religious politicians will try to do everything in their power to bend and rewrite the rules just to stop you from voicing your opinion. Make no mistake, this has nothing to do with the actual rules or formalities of the council. It’s purely about religious bigots using their political power to ban opinions that don’t match their bronze-age superstitions. This is abuse of power, hypocrisy and dishonesty in its purest form. Remember, politicians in a democracy are supposed to represent and serve the people of their community.

Note: If you care to watch it to the end, the religious hypocrites lost this particular battle and the secularists were allowed to speak before the council. (Next time, the religious will presumably be better prepared to censor opinion.)

This is nothing new. You would think a religious person who found the love of their god would be a very happy person, right? But are they happy? No. They’re not happy until everyone else believes it too. And they will use all tricks they can conjure up to spread their belief and to ban the beliefs of others. And it’s guaranteed that they try to abuse political power to do this. This is natural for the religious. They are on a mission from God.

This is why we must continue to fight for the separation of church and state. When religion is not kept under strict control, it will ban opinions, cast people into groups, create division and conflict. It’s a natural law.

Via Think Atheist

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