Haters on a bus

A bunch of hooligans chanting on a bus? That’s nothing, right? Oh, but it is. It’s a fantastic example of how religion poisons the mind.

Surely these guys are angry for a reason. Maybe they had a rough life, the usual social shit. Anyone can be angry and want to scream at the rest of the world. It’s part of being young.

But now, add religion to that. Religion wraps you in a big comforting blanket, legitimizing your anger, telling you:

Yes, you’re right. Yes, project your anger onto that enemy. Yes, it’s holy faith so it’s guaranteed to be correct, no need to question, no need to search further. Yes, it’s you versus the rest of the world, and God is on your side. You’re doing the right thing. There is no fear. You’re not responsible for any actions or any consequences, only God is.

So it’s not just a bunch of angry hooligans. Religion has given them euphoria and confidence, so there is simply nothing holding them back to take the next step and put actions behind their hateful and violent words. Religion has poisoned the mind.

Translation of the chant:

“O Allah, make their children orphans … Amen
O Allah, disperse their wives and make children being orphans … AmenO Allah, let the glory of Islam everywhere.
O Allah, give glory to our oppressed brothers in Palestine. … AmenAllah Akbar … Allah Wo Akbar … there is no god but Allah. … and the Zionist is the enemy of Allah.there is no God but Allah …. and shaheed (martyr) is the beloved of Allah”

From @emkacel, don’t miss his excellent blog!

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One Response to Haters on a bus

  1. I wish there was another option than the “Like” button. But I clicked it anyway because I’m glad people like you are brining attention to scary shit like this.

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