Risks of Female Masturbation According to Islamic Teachings


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30 Responses to Risks of Female Masturbation According to Islamic Teachings

  1. Brian Foster says:

    What a controlling perverted religion !! Is this mainstrearm Muslim ? or fundamentalist gangsters.
    The sooner the world is rid of such idiocy the better.

  2. Mike says:

    The danger with avoid masturbation in man is that all the sperm accumulated goes directly to the brain and inhibits the capacity of thinking, that’s exactly what happened with this idiot!!

  3. Mark Tarr says:

    How can it be a sin when it’s proclaimed?This ‘man’ is guilty of blasphemy.

  4. Davy says:

    What an absolute dick. Why did God give her urges if he didn’t want her to satisfy them? And this is the country Fifa decided should host the football World Cup in 2022. Will they have speeches like this instead of commercial breaks?

  5. manojbs says:

    Richard Dawkins foundation for reason and science just shared this post on FB, Enjoy the explosion of viewers.

  6. nidjit says:

    Does he really believe all that, I wonder?

  7. Kat D says:

    This is poor RUBBISH !!!!!!!!!!

  8. From Denmark says:

    it is like looking back 200 years from my point of world .. ignorence
    did Allah (piece be upon him) create the clitoris of a woman, just so scared men can cut it off??

  9. AtulBhatS says:

    I Do not know if by liking this post i will be Agreeing to the person on the video or disagreeing going by the title of the Blog. So i choose to comment.
    Is it Ironic that these words are coming from a MAN, and not a Woman, and from a Religion that as followed by man turns out to be highly sexist? Weird

  10. ic says:

    why must these people, who believe so strongly in their god, take it upon themselves to enforce the law of said god, surely such a powerful being need not help from puny humans. Why can they not just let god do all the judging, flogging, and bombing? And what kind of god loves his child and creates sexual desire, only to punish him/her for acting upon the god given emotion…..religion has got to be the stupidest part of human history

  11. Brian says:

    And why exactly would anyone follow this fool’s “teachings”?

    • MaunikMtl says:

      Why? Well because they start these teachings at the age where the child integrates wholeheartedly any teaching. They brainwash their kids, which become adults who do not know they’ve been brainwashed. And, these adults in turn, brainwash their kids.. It’s the perfect system. And, they have a lot of kids,and they immigrate,
      so it’s assimilation through conception.

  12. I am VERY surprised that he says “the girl might not have had sex, but the family might kill her anyway” — HE CLEARLY SAID THAT KILLING IS WRONG [he implied, to my ear, that killing her is wrong even if she DID have sex].

    Muslims need MORE mullahs telling them that ‘honor killing’ is wrong.

    But, of course, his saying “be god fearing” I can’t agree with no matter what — there IS no god.

  13. Matt nixon says:

    Hard to believe he feels female masturbation is against their morale and religious laws. I do love the way religion attempts to control all aspects of people’s, especially women’s lives. And to be “god fearing”. Shit, that’s a good one. Can’t people think for themselves? They are so opposite western civilization, it will be decades of not centuries before we share similar values of rationale thought and morale views.

    • Davy says:

      To an extent yes, but don’t underestimate the amount of people in the west that are God fearing or irrational, look at the evangelicals in the USA. Pretty scary bunch

  14. Kman says:

    Why doesn’t this dick practice what he preaches – and do something that’s useful in this world; instead of telling others how they should live, based on dogma (rather than suggesting how they might live, based on reason)?! ‘Tool of the week’!!

  15. LucidTool says:

    Yeah, this teaching is rediculous, but not too different from that of fundamentalist Christians. That’s what you get for your dogmatic religious belief.

  16. Jen says:

    I hate religion.
    But according to these peoples ancient beliefs, girls must be virgins when they are married. If her hymen is broken, in old times that would signify that she had either had sex or been raped and was unfit for her husband.
    Masturbating can lead to a broken hymen and this man is simply saying that-
    To avoid any confrontation, confusion and anger, especially between families….. Not masturbating would be best.
    This “law” is so old it was invented when they thought the world was flat.
    Just stupid that they wont change a single “law”

    • Ken Lyneham says:

      Actually the reason they say that she would be unfit for a husband is that men can do no wrong, & women are the ones always at fault, Women don’t have to insert anything into their vagina to get off. If it’s done correctly, they only need to excite the clitoris, without penetration. Shows how much this masturbating mullah knows about the female anatomy. They also believe that it’s OK for a 9yr old married girl to have penetrating sex with their 50+yr old husband, just because Mohammed did it to Aisha. Religion is a blight on the human race & was brought about by ignorance of why & how things happened. Some people prefer still, to be that dumb & ignorant.

  17. Sounds just like the Assemblies of God in Australia, going on about masturbation all the time. Christian, Muslim, both perverted and obsessed with peoples genitals.

  18. Well…this was a fun visit to the 15th century. But I don’t think I’d want to live here.

  19. Sørem says:

    He wears this hat because his brain otherwise would flow out. I am sorry to say that tha radical Christians are not a tiny bit better. Religion just stinks!

  20. Horacio H. Martinez says:

    …the three essentials fallacies of religions: 1) there is a God, 2) it/he/she should be feared and 3) the meek should follow ridicule norms and values dictated by fanatics (priest/mullahs/rabbis/monks) under the guise of revered and saintly people…

  21. Toby Fletcher says:

    Pure evil.

  22. james says:

    Pure Pure Evil.. like many religious zelots

  23. This is absurd! Only insecure men insist on marrying a virgin. The reason is: A virgin has no way to know if they sucks in the sack. This type of Muslim wants to impose his ridiculous views on everybody. The only punishment is death. In the meantime they take several wives no older than 12. What a bunch of jerks! In the meantime this whole charade was made up, just like any other religion. What a crocki

  24. Hugo Endert says:

    Religion = poison, Imam/preacher = poisoner!

  25. Flaxen Saxon says:

    All religions, regardless of type, are absurd and simply silly. This man would benefit from a long and severe kicking.

    • Brian says:

      yep, christopher hitchens said very much the same in his books. but it is not just immigrants, the bible belt is full of these types.

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