Rape victim, age 13, stoned to death

“Aisha, a 13 year old girl in Somalia, reported being raped to the Shabab Milita (sometimes called the “Somali Taliban”) who control her town. Instead of receiving their sympathy and support, the girl was convicted of having sex outside of marriage, and sentenced to death by stoning.

via The Religion Virus: Rape victim, age 13, stoned to death for having sex.

“Thousands of people crowded into the local stadium to witness the execution. A hole was dug in the ground, and the girl was buried up to her neck. Then about fifty men started stoning her, throwing rocks at her head, to kill her. After a while, she was dug up, and nurses were called in to verify that she was dead. When they discovered that she was not, the girl was buried again, and the stoning continued.

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